You would be surprised to know a Jamaican dancer from the 90’s is saving kids today in New York

BSV are the revivalists of Brukup Dance that was started by George “Brukup” Adams in the 1990s. The revivalists of Brukup set the foundation for other types of Brooklyn dance such as Flexing, but by far, Brukup dancers remain to be the original artists and the ones who are truly the masters of their art form. Using dancehall, (reggae) as the foundation of their style, their art form evolves into other genres, as it is cultivated in a Brukup free form dance style that is tailored to an individual artist.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, BruckUp was fascinated with dancehall reggae’s culture, music and rhythmic movement at a very young age. Inspired by Michael Jackson and MC Hammer, BruckUp initially exploded onto the scene as a dancer in 1992 at Jamaica’s annual live concert event, STING. The “BruckUp dance” captivated audiences at live stage performances all over Jamaica, dancers all over the world picked up his style of dance, and it spread like wild fire across the world. The dance later evolved into what’s now called the “Flex Dance”.

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