You have never seen Jamaica like this before. Beneath Jamaica Skies.

The beauty of Jamaica can be seen in many different ways. It is not often you come across an artistic expression of something you know and love and it blows you away. This time lapse video captures the small Caribbean island in a way you may have never seen before even if you have experience Jamaica. Nature is beautiful and its exhibited here for you to bask in its glory.

From the creator:

Immerse yourself in an epic journey through Jamaican mountains and stary nights. The geography and landscape of Jamaica is fascinating and diverse, the rolling green mountains, lush jungle and careening waterfalls makes this country amazingly beautiful.

It was such a joy to shoot this project, many sleepless nights and long editing hours helped this film see the light of day. I am so stoked to share it with you all. This film is a reel of some of my favourite shots I took while in Jamaica. This is my second time-lapse film, and while I am excited on the progressions since Beautiful BC, I am still looking into the future and what the next project may hold.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me and helped me pull this project off, I would not have been able to do it without you all. Special thanks to Stephen Anderson for letting me use your beautiful track, “Turn My Crimson Into Wine.”

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