World’s fastest man Usain Bolt accused of being a horrible neighbor

Usain Bolt blasted on social media for beign a bad neightbor by international dancehall/reggae star Sean Paul’s wife Jinx (Jodi Stewart-Henriques).

On Monday, a resident of Norbrook posted on Facebook that the bike riders in the area were inconsiderate, to which Jinx promptly replied that the blame should be placed squarely on Bolt and his brother.
“Between the bikes … , loud, horrid music, parties and screams, I honestly wish he would go back to where he came from. He’s a horrible neighbour. I cannot wait to move,” Jinx posted.
She added that she has sought help from the police, but that none have intervened because ‘it’s Bolt’.

“So unfair and disrespectful. I’ve honestly lost all respect for him. He takes his nasty behaviour with him everywhere … . So many people love him and he’s such a poor example of how to behave. I honestly can’t blame the set of UPT (uptown) that have him as poppy show in parties or on their boat. He’s the ultimate party clown,” an obviously fed-up Jinx stated.

Bad behaviour

But these comments did not go down well with fans of the athlete. One Facebook user posted that after doing his research, it was revealed that Bolt was not the culprit on that particular day.
The young man also blasted her for her “bad behaviour and boorish attitude” for accusing Bolt.
“Bolt cannot respond to your allegations and since he is not guilty of what you are accusing him of in this instance, you ought to apologise and remove your comments at the very least,” he told Jinx.
She follows up with a more scathing remark.
“Remove my comments or apologise for what? That last night it wasn’t him. I only assumed it was him because that is the type of behaviour we have come to expect from him. Stop being a groupie.”

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