Jamaica sits idly by as the 7-mile beach disappears

The beautiful world renowned  7 Mile Beach located in Negril Jamaica has been intriguing world visitors with it’s pristine white sand and perfectly blue waters for years. This natural beauty has been under threat for years from erosion.  A recent article on www.nbcnews.com highlighted the sad state of the beach…

NEGRIL, Jamaica – Tourists from around the world are drawn to a stretch of palm-fringed shoreline known as “Seven Mile Beach,” a crescent of white sand along the turquoise waters of Jamaica’s western coast. But the sands are slipping away and Jamaicans fear the beach, someday, will need a new nickname. Each morning, groundskeepers with metal rakes carefully tend Negril’s resort-lined shore. Some sections, however, are barely wide enough for a decent-sized beach towel and the Jamaican National Environment and Planning Agency says sand is receding at a rate of more than a yard a year.


The beach-lined coast of Negril, Jamaica, in 1956 (Photo: Tyndale Biscoe via the Jamaica Environment Trust/AP)

“The beach could be totally lost within 30 years,” said Anthony McKenzie, a senior director at the agency. Shrinking coastline long has raised worry for the area’s environmental and economic future. Now, the erosion is expected to worsen as a result of climate change, and a hint of panic is creeping through this laid back village, one of the top destinations in a country where a quarter of all jobs depend on tourism.

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