We all want to earn more and pay less taxes, but will this wreck our country?

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While the US clashes for a new leader. All eyes are now on Jamaica.

The fight for power
The opposition, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is pulling all the stops to entice Jamaicans’ taste buds in a bid to win the election.  

So much so, that they are promising the nation an increase to their tax threshold so that majority of Jamaicans do not pay income tax, it makes everyone feel glorified. The sound of having no income tax if you’re earning $1.5 million JMD or less is a dance to $20,000 JMD more a month. If this is not convincing enough, the opposition is telling Jamaicans that they will also increase the minimum wage to $12,500 JMD. 

The renowned party for the people and incumbent, The People’s National Party (PNP) is encouraging creation of more jobs with a simple plan to continue the path towards making Jamaica a first world country. “Step Up The Progress,” they say. 

Not every pan a knock is a dance
Cash is king but the people of the reggae capital of the world, may be a little too happy that they forget that it’s merely a promise and if it should happen, it will cause Jamaica’s economy to self destruct. Jamaica is bound to lose $32 billion – $68 billion every year should any government implement such plans. Is this good or bad? It’s good if it could work without causing increased debt or charging the people more taxes. It’s bad because it can’t work without the country borrowing out of its reach and without causing mayhem with provision for services such as health and education. Who wants that? 

Three-card trick 
There’s a common talk on social media of “three-card trick” from the opposition. Maybe it’s the unfulfilled promise to double the salaries for nurses, police officers and teachers or the ever-catchy freeness. It’s the same (JLP) government that promised free health care and free education, and caused madness to people’s lives, frustrated workers and crippled systems. 

In 2007, the promises of free health care and free education delighted the minds of many Jamaicans, so much it made the JLP reigned supreme. Of course, all did not go well, and coupled with increasing debt, it’s a regret that Jamaicans have. A regret so powerful that the PNP returned to power after a landslide victory from the party that made promises. 

Moving forward, Jamaica on the rise. 
Jamaica’s economy is now turning around. The country is getting high ratings from top global watchers like Forbes Magazine, The World Bank and Fitch Ratings – the non-biased economics analysts. The country with the fastest man and woman in the world, is now ranked #1 for doing business in the Caribbean and is in the Top 10 Most Improved Countries Worldwide. 

The country is seemingly well-favoured on the leadership of the nation’s first female Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller. In 2015 alone, tens of international delegates including America’s first black president Barack Obama, visited the country. Recent news from JIS linked the country to have achieved 3.9 million visitors in 2015.

Well done Jamaica
We all have to give kudos to Jamaica on turning around when we look at countries like Greece and even the great United States which have received terrible crisis and are now slowly recovering. 

Know what to throw away and know what to keep. 
Kenny Rogers sung it best, that when you have cards, the secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep. The elections is like a game of cards. 

As the general elections draw near, the fate of Jamaica’s strength relies on the people. Will they gamble their future or stand true with realities and make real plans for going forward.  Will they vote for progress from the socialist PNP or believe in the poverty the JLP sings about? 

We’ll provide an update on February 26, the day after the General Elections. 

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