Walking through a town he barely knew, look what happened

NYC based photographer, Khalik Allah, travels to Jamaica to connect with family and document the streets. The vivid culture and people of Jamaica captured on his lens by video, still photographs and audio as he walks through the small town greeting and interacting with the residents is captivating in every frame. It’s more than the standard vacation in the Caribbean when you get out the hotel and off the property to experience the people you can have the best Caribbean vacation of your life…

It’s amazing how this small island has managed to develop a worldwide allure. The desire to return to Jamaica if you are Jamaican in anyway shape or form will totally consume you until you satisfy that inner thirst to visit and experience the island, people and it’s dynamic culture.

His synopsis of his visit seeing his grandfather and his walk through to the streets is a beautiful and charming watch.




View more of his photography here

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