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Usain Bolt to feature in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt will be available to Pro Evolution Soccer players later this year after Konami revealed PES 2018 pre-orders will include the whiz on MyClub mode.

The fastest man on the planet will be available to early adopters via a new agent when the game releases in September.


Bolt, a known Manchester United fan, may not have the technical ability of his real-life football peers, but one thing fans can bank on is his sprint speed rating being the best in the game.

Bolt has been announced as part of the PES 2018 make-up after he completed his last 100-metre race in Jamaica on Sunday

The 30-year-old has repeatedly expressed an interest in a post-athletics career move to football in the past, but as that’s yet to materialise, Bolt holds the honour of becoming the first non-footballer to grace Pro Evolution Soccer.


Jefferson Lake of Sky Sports reported in December that Bolt had plans in place to train with Borussia Dortmund, and the sprinter suggested more moves were being made to accommodate his dreams of playing:

“It’s definitely something that I want to do and we’re putting things in place to make it happen. There has been a lot of talk and a lot of work and we’ll see what happens with that. The boss of Puma knows Dortmund and he made the call. They said they didn’t mind and they’d be excited to have me train with them.”

“I’m going to do that after the season and see what happens. It’d be something big for me – if I could get in the Manchester United jersey that’d be massive for me.”

Get in the game with @usainbolt! He’ll debut as a footballer in #PES2018! Pre-order now.

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