Travel Jamaica with foodie sisters, 2 Sisters and a Meal

“Two Sisters and a Meal”…. there’s really no better way to sum up our life history – why, you may ask? The answer is simple. Our life has always revolved around food ….. cooking it, serving it, selling it, eating it … and so after years of doing the food thing one way, we’ve decided to do it a different way – which is, as always, our way.
Two Sisters and a Meal is thus the brainchild of two Jamaican sisters who are business partners, foodies, lovers of world travel, avid cultural explorers, crazy history buffs, adorers of the arts, soul seekers and well known “fetin queens”. We are passionate about exploring both the old and new Caribbean by showcasing authentic island living in as real a way as possible …. Using all the things we love most – food, the arts, history, music, culture and lifestyle – our goal is to create high quality, fun and educational media productions that give you a taste of what it is to grow up, live, work, eat, party and play in the islands – we invite you to experience the true Caribbean, our Caribbean, with us.

Check out their recently released Cook Book “Caribbean Potluck”
Released May 2014, published by Kyle Books UK, “Caribbean Potluck” offers over 100 modern Caribbean recipes for you to choose from! This book will guide you to cooking some quick and some hearty recipes, all packed with flavour.
Island Potluck Receipe Book

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