Top 10 Dennis Brown Songs You Should Know And Love

There are many things in life could be considered happenstance however there are a select few occurrences that could be looked upon as truly something divine. Such as the fact that the man who is considered as the Crown Prince of Reggae: Dennis Emmanuel Brown, being born on the first day of February; a month that is observed in Jamaica as Reggae Month. Possessing one of the sweetest voices in the business, Dennis Brown had quite the number of hits ever since his introduction to the music industry at the tender age of 9. The following list is a collection of his top 10 most referenced tracks over the years.

10.Black Magic Woman Label:Explosion

9.Man Next Door Label:D.E.B. Music

8.Cassandra Label:Observer Gold

7.Westbound Train Label:Trojan Records

6.Sitting and Watching Label:Taxi

5.Promise Land Label:Yvonne’s Special

4.Money In My Pocket
Label:Joe Gibbs Record Globe

3.Love Has Found It’s Way
Label:Joe Gibbs Ultra Sound

2.Revolution Label:Taxi

1.Here I Come Label:Observer

What songs you think are missing from the list?

Dennis Brown

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