These maybe the best aerial photography of Jamaica taken with a mobile phone

Breathtaking …. Magnificent … Awe-inspiring … Spectacular are just a few of the words I could use, and I am sure have been used, to describe most of the images captured by Jamaican helicopter pilot blackmuggul as he is stylized on Instagram. His images are, for the most part, of the landscape of Jamaica from a perspective that few of the over 2 million that inhabit the island will ever experience. Other than when chartered and unchartered airplanes make their descent into the two major airports, nobody will ever experience the natural wonder of the land of wood and water the way Brian Lundy can.

Which is why we at Buzzebly tracked down the Jamaica Defence Force Officer and asked him a quick ten questions on his life in the air and his passion for sharing this experience with others.

How long have you been flying?
I have been flying operationally since 2006 after completing my two year training in Canada.

Do you only fly helicopters and if not what other air-crafts do you pilot?
At present I only fly helicopters. I was however trained to fly both airplanes and helicopters.

Were you exclusively trained in Jamaica?
My Primary Flying training (Training to achieve my wings) was done in Canada 2004-2006. I also returned in 2014 to conduct my instructor training. I have done upgrade training on the Bell 407 and the Bell 412 whilst here in Jamaica at the JDF Air Wing.

When did it occur to you to use your ‘special’ vantage point on Instagram?
It is to be noted that I am first and foremost a Professional Pilot and all these photos are ‘opportunity shots’. The photos are only taken whilst the aircraft is operating in a safe regime and at a safe altitude. The flight is never jeopardized for a photograph. That being said, my love for photography came about because of my desire to expose aspects of Jamaica primarily the natural aspects (land, sea, mountains, plains, beaches, etc). As a flying enthusiast, and a nature lover, I started snapping shots of the aircraft I flew especially when silhouetted against sunsets (I have a lot of these). I also use these photos to encourage persons to join my profession whilst others are used as general motivation for my friends/followers.

What do you use to take your photos?
Don’t laugh, all my photos to date have been taken by Samsung phones. Firstly a S3 and since the last 7 months or so a Note 4. With the Note 5 out and the Galaxy S7, an upgrade would surely be nice

Where is your favourite place to photograph?
Absolutely love the sunrise or sunset shots, however the general terrain and topography of Jamaica keeps me amazed.

What are your favourite photographs to date?
I took a photo of the Appleton Estate factory, this I thought was pretty awesome. I also have a couple shots of Highway 2000 the last leg. It shows the flat bridge, the railway and the new highway. This one has been around the net several times. Finally there are a couple sunset shots that I adore. Several of my photos (15 to be exact) were used by www.iamajamaican.net in an article “42 Incredibly Stunning Aerial Views Of The Real Jamaica You Have Ever Seen”

Do you have any special stories that you can tell that accompany any particular picture?
There is a particular picture of Kingston City that I snapped whilst the sun was setting. The hue from this shot was so amazing, it resonated/reflected off the sides of every building across the corporate area. I thought this was just amazing. There is also a night shot of the Bell 412 that I took which appeared as if the helicopter was on fire, but it wasn’t, looked cool though.

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