The Ultimate List of the Baddest Vybz Kartel Lyrics (Prt1)

To me there is absolutely no doubt who is not only the most proficient lyricist in dancehall history, but by far the most controversial thus far. Adidja Azim Palmer more popularly known as Vybz Kartel, has had quite the run as the lead voice for at least two generations of dancehall fans. He has shown the ability, over the years, to showcase his wit on almost every subject imaginable. No matter the musical challenge, whether it be the beats per minute (BPM) or the implied melody, ‘Addi Di Teacha’ rises to test and often times over delivers.

So as a tribute to his prowess, we at Buzzebly have selected what we feel to be Vybz Kartel’s top 15 lyrical efforts. Please note that these are set in no particular order and that you are absolutely free to disagree and add to the conversation by leaving your selections or suggestions in the comments section below.


Comma, Gun Sing like Madonna
And goes suh th..th…th.. cah di hammer stamma

Hello Moto

How yuh fi have a gal and yuh nuh have a phone
She woulda gi yuh di number but yuh nuh have a phone
She woulda call fi di lumber but yuh have a phone
Hurry up and guh home to yuh comfort zone

Car Man

Gal stand up in sun dem foot start bun dem
When a walkfoot man come dem run dem
If yuh a walk or siddung inna bus back
Don’t look a gal yuh see at the bus stop
Car man inna dem gal ya thoughts
So dem change man like auto parts
No vehicle; No romance
Di taxi driver stand a better chance

Start Well

Inna mi Karl Kani wid bottle a tall Canei, tuff a lie?
Inna Karl Kani, No mi inna mi close fitting clarks
Mi shoes nuh cheap like chicken parts

New Millennium

Inna July
di pressure pon di pussy mi apply
And inna April
Baby a cry


Me and Mrs Ivy son
Get two custom build Allen Iverson
Suit a baby Kobe Bryant
That is wah mi buy mi son
And tru mi have a gal a Foot Locker
Every day she buy mi some

Send On

Mi get high like pedestal
Heavenly and celestrial
When mi smoking up the cess
Mi look it like a sexy gal
Celebrate it like a festival
Mix it like a cereal
Sew it like material
Deal wid it like chicken
Hot & Spicy, Original or Barbecue
Mi call di crew
Of Ganjaman professionals

Mad Guitar

Mi finger gal like a Mad Guitar
Grab di pussy like how Goodyear grab di tar

Buddy Deh Yah Gal

From yuh pussy a paradise (Winter Buddy)
Keep di Pum Pum moist and Summer Buddy
Cool di pussy like ice
My passion is twice di Passion of Christ
Buddy deh yah Gal

Gun Session

Mi eagle a di early bird
Yuh a di worm em…em… em
Yuh roll wid Jesus
Mi have 24 disciple
TEC, Luger, Ruger, Bryco, Beretta, Calico
Smith & Wesson, Heckle & Koch, Ingram 14
M16 plus mi Larsen
Run guh inna di church mek mi shoot yuh and di parson

Weh Dem a Guh (feat. Jahvinci)

A we mek Madden build morgue
Fi store body like number pon SIM card


Nutty Buddy yuh waan mi will sponsor di cone
Anytime yuh call mi will answer di phone
Notice how gal deh inna fi mi zone
Mi specialize in natural breast and silicone

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