A Green Addition to the Jamaican Beverage Market

As more people in the Caribbean become aware of the benefits a good diet can bring, Tru Juice has released to the market their version of ‘Green Juice’ an all-vegetable concoction that is closely associated with replenishing energy and weight loss. There are so many ways to mix and match ingredients to get both the taste and, most importantly, effect you would like from your drink however Tru Juice decided to use all local produce: pak choi, callaloo, cucumber, ginger string beans, otaheite apple and pineapple to produce their ‘Green Juice’.

Tru-Juice Green Juice

As with any new food or drink product, the consumer’s initial reactions are the possibly the ones that will decide if that product stays on the market or fades away. But judging from the reactions on social media below, many jamaicans are more than pleased with this new addition to supermarket shelves.

In comparison to the other ‘healthy’ drinks on the market, the green juice is actually good for you. It is known to be packed with nutrients which help to both boost and restore  energy


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