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The Most Devastating Storm in the History of the Atlantic?

The last few years has seen quite the storm activity in the Atlantic basin. What was once only mild disturbances ever so often each year during hurricane season has exploded into several catastrophic events seemly every few months. For example, hot on the heels on Hurricane Harvey which had devastated several cities in the state of Texas comes quite possibly an even greater calamity. Hurricane Irma formed earlier this week, has quickly become a record setter for both wind strength (maximum gusts at 212 mph) and longest sustained wind speeds at near 185 mph for 33 hours – the longest time for any tropical cyclone around the world in the last 50 years as a Category 5++ storm. Simply amazing and beautiful if looked upon in isolation how Irma has taken the path through the north of the Caribbean.

Unfortunately this path has several territories in position for either partial or direct impact from the hurricane. Some with devastating effects as over social media videos and pictures have emerged showing the effects of Irma has had on buildings, streets and other properties in its way. Below are just a few of the examples of scale and devastation caused by Irma. 

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