Swimming with Humpback Whales in Dominican Republic

By Amilcar lewis

As mighty as the human race claims to be taken out of its relative comforts, on land, can be made to look rather inconsequential in the far more vast environs of the ocean. Well, at least that is what I thought while watching David Trescott’s ‘Swimming with Humpbacks’.

Shot just off the coast of the Dominican Republic, this video shows these gentle giants taking the time out to stop and engage a few puny humans before continuing on their long journey north towards cooler waters. Known to inhabit all the major oceans, Humpbacks normally mate and give birth in the warmer tropical waters before migrating elsewhere once that job is complete. The tone of the video was set by soundtrack chosen by the director, it helped to capture the wonder of these beasts ‘playing’ with and enjoying the company of these intruders of their domain. This is a must watch for anyone who has an appreciation for sea and its many inhabitants. Oh, and as an added treat watch up the very end to hear the divers’ recording of the humpback’s song. Truly captivating.

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