Stush in the Bush a must experience while in Jamaican

From the Huffington.

The whistling willows called out as the cool ocean breeze flowed through their spindly fingers and over the misty mountain. We sat quietly dipping golden breadfruit chips into ceramic bowls filled with the deep green hues of chimichurri and a scotch bonnet sauce infused with coconut oil, garlic, ginger and seasonings while hummingbirds joined us for lunch at a nearby banana flower.

“Would you like more?” Lisa asked as we examined the few crumbs remaining in our shared bowls. The thought was tempting, but we graciously declined knowing that this tropical farm-to-table feast had just begun.
We could have been anywhere – lost among the trees and the hills — where only the expansive blanket of hovering mist could pinpoint our location. I smiled inside thinking about how serendipitous it was to have found this tiny sanctuary tucked somewhere between the buzzing tourist towns of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios…

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