Stunning artwork in the heart of Kingston Jamaica

Paint Jamaica project with the first milestone recently completed at 41 Fleet St, Kingston, Jamaica, that has now become the biggest street art space in the island is moving on to the next big project, as founder of the project, Marianna Farag, and so do we, hope this is only the beginning -and not the end- of a new movement in Jamaica.

For a next project to happen, “Paint Jamaica” is entirely dependent on contributions, and the new crowdfund has just been set up.
If you would like to help out, please click here to contribute: Feel free to also share the link!

To date, the support and feedback of the Paint Jamaica project at Fleet St. has been tremendous. A high level of excitement has been generated namely because the initiative is a first of its kind in Jamaica. Via social media, Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans alike are following the movement. Paint Jamaica has received support from the iconic music label Tuff Gong Worldwide and Ziggy Marley himself. The impact has been extremely positive on the local community: with their involvement, new skills are being transferred and individuals have been inspired to creatively express themselves. Furthermore, the mere act of changing the visual landscape helps reduce crime and littering. Of note, police surveillance has now increased around Fleet Street. Marianna points out that “people have told us that when you beautify a street, locals are more likely to want to protect and preserve it… hence keeping unlawful possibilities…

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