Seeing the Beauty of Haiti through the lens of Verdy Verna

In addition to the fantastic weather, beautiful beaches and friendly people, there are plenty of possible subjects ready to be captured by photographers stationed in the Caribbean. However there are only a few photographers whose eye can adequately frame the elusive “great shot”. We at Buzzebly believe that we have found those special few, and have asked some of the best photographers the Caribbean has to offer to give a little insight as to life as a creative on the islands. This week, we sit down with Verdy Verna. This enigmatic self styled ‘visual engineer’ hails from la République d’Haïti, the Republic of Haiti, and certainly has an eye for beauty. Read on as he explains what inspires his work and what he has in store in the near future.


How did you get started on your current creative path?
It all started with IG back in 2011. I was studying International Agri-Business
in Tallahassee Florida. That year I purchased my first smartphone the Samsung Galaxy. I started getting pretty good feedback on my posts and that encouraged me to pursue a career in photography

What is it about the Caribbean that makes it such a lovely spot for photoshoots?
The Caribbean is perfect for photography because there’s beautiful scenery practically
everywhere you look. The mountains make for interesting backgrounds, there’s water everywhere and the people are beautiful.

What is your favourite time of day to shoot?
If you scroll down my feed on IG it’s evident that I mostly shoot around sunset
& sunrise. To be honest the time depends on the scene I’m trying to capture… I don’t have a preference because I find that keeping an open mind helps develop additional skills even under harsh lighting conditions.
Hatian sunset

Do you think that enough is done in your respective countries to facilitate your brand of photography?
Well I live in Haiti, there are more pressing matters… I’m not aware of any
programs that support what I do.

What inspires you to keep shooting?
Photography puts things into perspective for me. I love the act of creating
and I can do that for the rest of my life.

What type of equipment you use?
I’m currently using a Nikon d7200, a few lenses and couple of strobes. I always
carry a tripod.

Where in the world has your photography taken you?
At the moment my photography has allowed me to discover different parts of Haiti.
I’m currently looking into a few projects involving Jamaica and Namibia.

If you had to pick one location on your island as your favourite, where would that be?
That’s hard for me to answer… I love the entire island

Other than online, where else can people see your work?
I shoot for RD Mag based here in Haiti, they are available in Port-au-Prince
soon to be available in Miami and New York.

Has your work been featured internationally and through what mediums?
The Swiss Embassy in Haiti exposed my work at the Hotel Montana in July.




Haitian model

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