Rick Perry thinks it’s hard to help Puerto Rico because ‘it’s an island’

Here we go—again. Every time Donald Trump’s administration is pressed to explain why it is that the majority of Puerto Ricans are still without power 43 days after Hurricane Maria, they say the same thing—“it’s really, really hard.” While managing an emergency of this magnitude is indeed difficult, especially given the circumstances, this mantra should never be the default of the government of the self-proclaimed greatest country in the history of the world.

On one hand, it shouldn’t be surprising. Trump’s cabinet is filled with idiots and dangerous white supremacists who know absolutely nothing about governing. On the other hand, you’d think the ones who do have some political experience (even if they are incredibly dim-witted) would know enough not to say flat out “we don’t know how to do this job.” Enter Rick Perry—Trump’s highly unqualified Secretary of Energy. Perry thinks the administration’s efforts in Puerto Rico are going fine, all things considered.

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