Prosperity Jamaica Film Project: Campaign to change a country’s economy

Creative people trying to make history. Help to fund the world’s first crowd-funded film designed impact the economy of an entire country – JAMAICA.

Have you ever heard of a crowd-funded film that impacted an entire country’s economy? Nope. Its audacious. That’s the whole point. If this film does do that, it would be an achievement for the global crowd-funding movement. A milestone. The ‘romance’ of this story is whether a group of ordinary creative people, in this brave era of social media activism, can even come close to achieving such an audacious goal. The only real way to know if it can work is to do it. Fund it. We don’t care if its $10/$25/$50/$100 at a time. What matters is that when we all see the number of contributors…its enough people saying “i want to see if this actually works.” Skepticism is totally natural. But you’ve got to admit, if we keep doing the same thing, nothing will EVER change. This crowd-funded film is a radically different approach. But if you trust nothing…then nothing happens. Nothing changes.

If the only thing you are being asked to do different today is to put $25 to this film and help us spread the word? That’s a start. That is something different. $25. Just let us know if you are brave enough. That is all. – TZK


Through this film, our aim is to deliver ideas that are relevant, simple, realistic, inclusive and perhaps more doable than any one philosophy presented to the people of Jamaica in the past 40 years.

It is a documentary to inspire Jamaican citizens by way of tangible, workable non-partisan solutions. It’s about tax revenue and productivity with strategies for immediate action.
This is an independent film project to help shape an entire country. A film to help bring fresh ideas for widespread socio-economic reform. The message is long overdue.

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