Picks of the most dazzling entrants costumes Miss Universe 2015

Miss Universe contestants took part in the National Costume round of the competition last night. Women wear an outfit that represents a key element of the culture in their home country. Outfits included Celtic warriors, Aboriginal sunsets, flowering trees and see-through gowns

The contestants in the 63rd annual competition took part in the National Costume show at Florida International University in Miami. .
The ladies wore an elaborate range of costumes spanning from the Buckingham Palace Queen’s Guard to the national tree of Venezuela

Miss Great Britain: Grace Levy wore a skimpy version of uniform worn by the Queen’s Guard when they are on duty outside Buckingham Palace. She accessorised with a gold choker that bore an imitation of the Royal Insignia
Miss Canada: Chanel Beckenlehner came dressed as a glamorous ice hockey player, complete with working scoreboard and ice hockey stick. Her hairstyle was a copycat of the country’s hockey tournament trophy, The Stanley Cup. Ice hockey is the official national winter sport of Canada

Miss India: Noyonita Lodh’s outfit looked like it could be dangerous if you got too close

Miss Jamaica: Kaci Fennell came dressed as in carnival gear – which is one of the key moments in the Jamaican calendar

Miss Korea: Yoo Yebin wore a Hanbok, which is the south Korean national dress. She also wore a outer layer that featured flags from all over the world as a symbol of unity

Miss Portugal: Patricia Da Silva who came dressed in a costume depicting two birds. The Rooster of Barcelos is the fictional national bird of Portugal

Miss Sri Lanka: Marianne Page, who made her national costume herself. The outfit features intricate beading, jewels and several metres of mirrored material

Miss St. Lucia: Roxanne Didler-Nicholas shone in her modernised version of St Lucian national dress

Miss USA: Nia Sanchez came dressed in an elaborate version of the stars and stripes on the American flag. The metre-long white feathers were all hand-stitched onto the silk corset

Miss Venezuela: Migbelis Lynette Castellanos came as a glittering version of the Tabebuia chrysantha. It is the national tree of Venezuela as it is native to the country and it’s deep yellow resembles the one on the Venezuelan flag

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