My goat is faster. Have you seen goat racing in Tobago?

If there’s one thing in which Tobago leads the world, then it is the (albeit fairly obscure) sport of goat racing. The word “racing” may sound like a malapropism, particularly as it takes place in a village whose name sounds like a syllable-challenged Buckaroo. But this is all for real: the Buccoo Integrated Facility (BIF) is a multi-million dollar goat-racing track, with grandstand, stables and paddocks, in the south-west of Tobago.

The BIF describes itself as “world class”, and it has good reason to; in fact, the big Easter championships which take place here, attended by thousands, might as well call themselves the World Championships, given that nowhere in the world does goat racing in such style. And you don’t have to be around for Easter, either, because the racing is now a feature of Buccoo’s Sunday. If you want to make a (very long) day of it, you can stay on in the village for the celebrated Sunday School, which despite the sobriety of the name is an exhilarating evening of dancing, drinking and eating spread across several village venues.



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