Mumm and Usain Bolt Make For a Winning Team

Few, if any, men on the planet are more qualified to talk about winning. Usain Bolt is, after all, one of the best athletes in the history of the world. And we’re not being hyperbolic in the slightest. Among his slew of accomplishments is achieving the ‘Triple Triple’, i.e. taking home three gold medals at three consecutive Olympic games. He also holds world records in the 100m and 200m dash. To call him a winner is practically an understatement. He’s the winner’s winner.

Meanwhile, Maison Mumm has a triumphant history of its own. For nearly 200 years, the French brand has been a leading name in Champagne, while their Napa division remains at the forefront of sparkling wine. As an official sponsor for the Kentucky Derby and Melbourne Cup, and now with Bolt as their CEO, Mumm has maintained a close relationship with champions of sport. Likewise, their “Menus de Legende” gastronomic events gather some of the most renowned chefs in the world. Suffice to say, Maison Mumm keeps great company and makes a great product.


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