Mortal enemies Beenie Man and Bounty Killa finally did it

By Amilcar Lewis
Beenie Man and Bounty Killa – Legendary

After more than twenty years of acrimony, dancehall giants Moses Davis aka Beenie Man and Rodney Price otherwise known as Bounty Killa has finally combined their considerable talents, and some in ways influence, into one “Legendary” track. Released by Star$truck Records, in some what of a coup for such a young label, “Legendary” has both luminaries dovetailing smoothly, one never overpowers the other as each holds and controls his section of the riddim expertly. However, despite noting all the aforementioned “Legendary”, in my eyes, will ultimately fail to have the impact it would have certainly had if it were released several years prior.

“Legendary” might still become a popular addition to every dancehall disc jockey’s set in the near future but it becoming a certified longstanding hit, I for one is not so sure. But enough from me, what do you think? Give “Legendary” a quick listen above and give us your thoughts below.

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