Major Lazer and Skrillex mashing up Jamaica

By Amilcar Lewis

Kingston Jamaica – It would be hard to review such a video without first providing some level of context. In essence explaining why such a huge traveling act such as Major Lazer would make it a point of duty to embark on a yearly pilgrimage to the Caribbean and more specifically the island of Jamaica. Diplo, Major Lazer’s enigmatic front man, as it so happens has significant history with Jamaica.

To the point where he credits the island and the music from it with adding to his already eclectic musical ear. An ear that led to the formation of the Major Lazer music project with fellow collaborator English producer Switch, whom Diplo met while working with British/Sri Lankan act M.I.A. From its inception, Major Lazer has borrowed heavily from Caribbean music even seeking out and using acts only popular within the region. It is because of that fact and that since Switch’s departure in 2011, Diplo has sought the services of Trinidadian Jillionaire and Jamaican Walshy Fire to complete the Major Lazer lineup it would only make sense for the Diplo to call all of his close musical friends and have them follow him to land of wood and water.

Even though this was the third staging of the event in the island, Diplo had no idea what to expect but what ended up happening must have even surprised his most ardent of followers. This video shot by Shomi Patwary, of Karmaloop fame, gives us a quick glance into the mindset and vibe of the group as they prepared for a show that meant a hell of a lot to them although it was a relatively small stop in their normally whirlwind like global tour schedule. Aided with help of first hand accounts and interviews with the likes of Jillionaire, Walshy Fire, Ezra Koenig, Skrillex and Diplo, the director was able to, in a little under six minutes, review an event that was seemingly the place to be for the 2014 Jamaican festive season.

This video was sharply but expertly edited to give a nice backstage look at what many of the patrons on the night never saw: The setup, the pressure and the anxiety, that goes with preparing for such a huge stage show. Shomi and his team also did good job capturing the exhilaration of the group as they basked in their collective success after all hitting the stage and thrilling the audience. By the end of video, you were left in no doubt that Diplo, Major Lazer and all their friends were already looking forward to the next time they would be in front of a Jamaican audience, which was teased, via freeze frame, to be December 19th later on this year.

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