Made in Jamaica Ep8: Gumption From Crime & Violence To Singing Farmer

Castleton Gardens, located just by the border between the parishes of St. Mary and St. Andrew, at one time served as the go to weekend getaway for those from the capital of Kingston who either wanted an escape to fresher climes away from the smog of the city or just who want to experience the ambience and sheer variety of the plants located on grounds of the gardens. Established in 1862 to facilitate the relocation of the Bath, in St. Thomas, Botanical Gardens.


Castleton Gardens are one of the oldest public botanical gardens in the western hemisphere and many plants introduced in the island in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were planted here. These included the Poinciana, Bombay Mango, the Spathodea, Navel Orange, and the Tangerine. Added to the attraction, is the cooling waters of the Wag Water River which adds to the pristine beauty and serenity of the gardens.

Castleton St.Mary

But what about the locals in the area, what does the gardens of Castleton mean to them? Has there been any difference in amount of traffic passing through the area in recent years? Watch as we ask those questions and more to Stefan, Tyrone and Gumption as we give you our largest Made In Jamaica production yet. Please like, subscribe, share and enjoy our tribute to one of Jamaica’s unspoiled green spaces: Castleton Gardens.

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