Made In Jamaica Ep5: Marjory Raised 7 Children From Selling Fruits

Our fifth trip takes us quite a ways out of the Kingston Metropolitan area past the infamous Flat Bridge landmark and straight into the community of Bog Walk. Known for its acres and acres of arable land, Bog Walk could be considered a paradise for anyone who would like to try their hand at growing produce.

Bogwalk Linstead Jamaica

Orange trees, bananas shoots, coconuts trees and many other different varieties of fruits and vegetables surround the district and provide quite a surplus crop ready for the market. This is where street-side vendors like Marjory come into the equation. Marjorie and, others like her, take whatever is in season at the time and display all they have available for passersby.


These daily transactions are important for not only the individual selling but for the community as well, unfortunately with the introduction of the toll road, Bog Walk has seen a reduction of traffic through the area. This reduction has adversely affected livelihood of many but vendors like Marjory remain undaunted. Watch as Marjory speaks about her past on the strip and how important that location has been for her as a vendor.

Bogwalk Jamaica

Bogwalk Linstead Jamaica


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