Made In Jamaica Ep4: Dawn’s Ackee and Roast Breadfruit

Made in Jamaica seeks to present to the world a collection of untold stories, which features, both the ebb and the flow of normal Jamaican life. These stories aim to highlight the diverse landscape of the island, while showcasing the uniqueness of the Jamaican people. Our fourth go round sees us travel on the Nelson Mandela highway which connects the major towns of Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore.


Dawn and her 4 year old grand daughter


The turn off from the main thoroughfare to Spanish Town is where we find Dawn, a vendor at Ackee Village; a tiny market of sorts nestled on the side of the road heading to and from Portmore. Dawn is just one of the many merchants on this strip who all sell mostly the same combination of goods: ackee, breadfruit, callaloo and various seasonings. However Ackee Village is under going a relocation which should see the vendors with more space to showcases their wares but with far more overheads than they are used to. Watch as we assess the mood of the Ackee Village group through Dawn and try to buy as much breadfruit and ackee our vehicle can hold.

Ackee Village St.Catherine Jamaica

New Ackee Village location under contruction.

Ackee Village Jamaica

Made In Jamaica Ep4: Dawn's Ackee and Roast Breadfruit

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