Made In Jamaica EP2: Martin, Jamaica’s Conch King

Made in Jamaica seeks to present to the world a collection of untold stories, which features, both the ebb and the flow of normal Jamaican life. These stories aim to highlight the diverse landscape of the island, while showcasing the uniqueness of the Jamaican people. Our second offering features Martin, a jovial street vendor who has made it his mission in life to serve the best tasting seafood the island of Jamaica has to offer.


Hailing and operating from seashore town of Port Royal, Martin not only gets all of produce fresh from the Caribbean Sea but sees considerable business from the capital Kingston, just a few miles away, with some customers making it Friday evening ritual to swing by Martin to try whatever is on the menu but mainly for his renowned conch soup, brown stewed and curried conch. Watch and get familiar with not only Martin’s history as a seafood chef but how Port Royal’s special location and energy helps to lure in guests from all over the world.



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