Living Amongst the Arts – Wickie Wackie Festival 2017

By: Caos

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What is the world truly without the Fashion, Arts, Lifestyle and Entertainment Industries?
Once again, I got a chance to be reminded of how wonderful our island of Jamaica is.

Coming from an era that did not believe in giving the creative arts, fashion and lifestyle its true seat at the head table. As a child growing up, getting involved in the creative industry was always to be seen as a hobby, as opposed to a career. I tried to go against what consumed me, but life fought back and placed me right back where I was meant to be.. right here with you

. Enough about me, so, with the starting of a New Year, new vibez and attitude, let’s backtrack a bit to the festivities and meet ups I had during the Christmas Holiday 2017. Today we strut in the Wickie Wackie Festival 2017 that took place.

Wickie Wackie Festival 2017

I am not ashamed to say that this was my first Wickie Wackie Festival ever! So this was an exciting anticipation for me. Originally booked for December 9th, 2017, the show had to be rescheduled due to inclement weather. Nevertheless, it was a must to attend. If you enjoy reggae music and not know Raging Fyah!, I am sorry, but you need to stop and go check out their story and videos.

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I enjoyed tremendously the intimate setting that this festival brought; great people, great music and a great vibe. When I got there , I caught the ending of Chevaughn’s set. The ever so talented, Mr. Quintillionaire, I will forever support. Not only do I think he is an exceptionally curated musician, but also when he performs, you see and feel how much he enjoys music, the beat and the energy it brings.. A faithful friend for years, I was elated to see him on the lineup. Dressed in a black bomber jacket, paired with a white crew neck tee and an african printed Jogger like pants, he showed that for that night he was just about being stylish but simple, which I feel was the best way to go. When you see a man comfortable in his clothing, and it also resonates with his personality, you can’t help but to applaud him.

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Next on the lineup was an all male band called Earthkry. Now if you never knew before, I am a real sucker for live music, the bass guitar, oh yes, is my favourite instrument. Earthkry consists of 4 guys who all seemed to have their own different personalities in style. This,worked for them very well. Cladded out in a mixture of blue, black and grey topped with their neatly done dreadlocks hairstyle, and matching shoes to depict the right occasion, I was especially pleased to see this, as it gave me great hope that men do pay attention to their image and style, and this blog is here to show that I see you. Continue learning about you and making your style count.


 C.U.R.E Ganja Wine (Craving Unique Rhythm Everyday)

C.U.R.E Ganja Wine (Craving Unique Rhythm Everyday)

Throughout the set changes that happened, I went to explore what was being offered in the tents I saw earlier when entering the venue. This festival did not just cater for your musical palettes but also reggae and roots lifestyle. From roots drink and food on display to merchandising small brands. I am a firm believer of always having branded merchandise for sale or display when trying to spread the message of your brand. Check it out!

Handmade Jewellry & Accessories

Handmade Jewellry & Accessories


“Reggae music neva haffi so sweet”, I thought to myself while rocking to the beats of Jah9. I saw her briefly perform at the Chronology Tour, so I was especially looking to see what her energy brought to the festival. Without a doubt, this soulful artiste lit up the stage with lyrics and messages that always resonated peace, love and action. Her backing band showed their own individualistic style n’ fashion.
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The time had come for the last set change of the night, the main act, the, Raging Fyah, the core group of men that made this festival exactly what it is now. A five piece reggae band, this group was founded in 2006 in Kingston, releasing their first album in 2011 and then later getting signed to the infamous VP Records in 2016 and then landing a Grammy for the album Everlasting. What I love about this band is the fact that they exercise all genres of music, but mostly their music is of a roots rock reggae vibe.
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“One can always expect great style from this melodious group”

This powerful group of men displayed not just sweet reggae music for the rebels, but in addition, sweet reggae jamaican style. One can always expect great style from this melodious group, from the lead singer Kumar, blessing the stage in a black buttoned down shirt, white slim jeans, black boots and giving it that timeless touch with a leather jacket on top to the lead guitarist, Conrad “Gizmo” White wearing what looked like a comfortable long sleeve crew neck shirt & blue jeans which was complemented by his stylish newsboy hat.

“The scene throughout the whole festival was that of comfort with individual style.”
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All in all, I enjoyed the experience of Wickie Wackie Festival 2017, looking forward to the 2018 staging with more fashion, style, lifestyle and sweet, sweet reggae music. Until next time…. See you on the flip side.

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