Land ownership becoming easier for Jamaicans

PNP President and Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller is appealing to persons who reside on land for years but do not have any ‘paper’ to show that the land belongs to them, not leave their children with the problem of insecure land tenure.

“To assist land owners in making a land title move from being a dream to being a reality, we have set up Adjudication Committees in a number of parishes. These committees are there to assist land owners who may have no documentary proof of ownership for their land,” says the Prime Minister.

According to the Prime Minister, after positively determining land rights referred to them, these committees will provide the land owner with a document as proof of ownership. This document will pave the way for a successful application to obtain a Registered Land Title. The Government through the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, has allocated $20 million to fund the programme.

Portia Simpson Miller


“The Government is also addressing the problem of persons who have owned lands for years, yet their names are not on the valuation or property tax roll. These persons have problems when they apply to register their land. The Chief Parliamentary Counsel is now preparing draft Regulations under the Land Valuation Act to make it easier for persons to get on the valuation and property tax roll,” Mrs. Simpson-

Miller explained.

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