The Traditional Jamaican Patty: A New York King

The island of Jamaica has once again successfully exported a part of its culture that has captivated the hearts and minds of millions. While most would guess the interest would originate from the usual: music, sports or marijuana. In actuality, this time it is the Jamaican prowess in the culinary arts that gets the showcase in the form of the beef patty. A product of both migration and colonialism, the beef patty got its start in the heart of downtown Kingston in the 1930s.

A generation or so after, while the Jamaican diaspora steadily increased around the world so did the market for the popular snack. Now, the world has pretty much caught on to what most Jamaicans have known for a long time, there are not many things better than a piping hot beef patty. Check out the video above as Miss Info makes her way throughout New York trying find out the special connection between that city and the tasty Jamaican delicacy and below features various reactions from twitter to a recent New York Times article about the pipeline between Jamaica and the Big Apple and how that contributed to the beef patty becoming a part of that city’s landscape.

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