Jamaica ranks #1 in the Caribbean for ease of doing business.

The PNP’s campaign manager and the country’s Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, says he is a path to reshaping the foundations of the economy which will lead to prosperity. Dr. Phillips was among the speakers at a party workers’ meeting in Eastern St. Andrew Thursday night.

The Finance Minister was beaming after the World Bank’s Easing of Doing Business 2016 ranking endorsed his strategies to turn the economy around. Jamaica is now ranked number one in the Caribbean and is among the world’s ten most improved economy.

“It nuh reach everybody pocket yet, but it is going in the right direction,” Dr. Phillips told the workers.The Finance Minister pointed out that since he took office, the country’s debt has fallen by 20 percent, unemployment fell by 3 percent, 50,000 jeeps jobs were created, the minimum wage has been increased twice, light bills have gone down by 30 percent and there has been no public sector job cuts.

He said the country should not be fooled by the Opposition’s propaganda: “They want to confuse you with falsehood and lies…We have a record we can be proud of.” In contrast under the previous JLP administration, Dr. Phillips said there were 13 consecutive quarters of negative growth and a derailed IMF progamme.

“Poverty went up like a rocket (and) unemployment went through the roof,” he said.

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