Jamaica Elections poll Results in Favour of The PNP

36 sure seats for the PNP. 27 for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Sources have it that reputable Jamaican pollsters predict a clear win for the PNP in this Jamaica’s 12th Election since Independence. There are 63 seats across Jamaica to be contested in the 2016 General Elections which will happen February 25, 2016.

View prediction results here:

What do the polls mean?

If these 36 seats or more are for the PNP and this holds true, it means that majority of Jamaicans are seeing progress from their first female Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller and her administration and trust them enough to continue their leadership of the country. It also shows that the people refuse to be lead again by Andrew Holness and his team.

Mr. Holness was Jamaica’s leader for the shortest period ever (less than 6 months). The island nation demonstrated for him to be dethroned, this many say is due to the mismanagement of the country’s resources and ill-treatment of the welfare of the people by his party. The leader of the opposition is the front of their 2016 campaign and is seeking forgiveness and now pulling all the stops in a bid to win the people over.

Promises vs Plans

He contends that Jamaican’s are in poverty and he will make them prosper, however, like any other politician, he is being challenged. The people of Jamaica are in confusion and disbelief and doubt over the promise by the JLP to increase the tax threshold by more than $800,000 JMD. Disbelief and doubt are due to the fact that, firstly; it was the same party that made a 2007 Election promise to double the salaries of some public sector workers, this did not happen and they went against their promise; secondly, can the country afford it. Confusion brings a state of uncertainty as renowned economists do not approve of such a plan but Mr. Holness promises that it can work. Who do you believe?

This local Jamaican farmer is in disagreement and he labels the promise as another attempt to `fool´Jamaicans. The farmer identifies himself as an experienced electorate. See video here: Farmer Mac

Portia Simpson Miller in a National Broadcast to the nation, dismisses making promises and instead call on Jamaicans to work together and continue the path of progress.

Will her address and call for togetherness to work to make Jamaica a first world country capture the hearts and commitment of Jamaicans? Or will Andrew Holness songs on poverty to prosperity entice the voting population.

Who will win?

We await the voting results on February 25, 2016.

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