Is WhatsApp’s new feature destroying relationships? #BlueTicks

That excuse you had – ‘Sorry, didn’t read your message’ – has just become untenable. At least, on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp’s latest feature for Android and iOS is the deadly two blue ticks. These notify the sender of a message being sent, delivered and read by the recipient. So if the message has been sent, the sender will see one grey tick against it, two grey ticks if it has been delivered and two blue ticks if it has been read.


This new feature is a very significant update. Especially in case of emergencies, a sender is sure the message has been received and read. Even if someone has hidden their ‘last seen’ status, the two blue ticks will notify the sender that the message has been read. This will help those in an emergency.

But users believe this is a double-edged sword.

This feature builds up social pressure that obligates one to reply at the very moment. And if one doesn’t, the sender might feel anxious or rejected. This certainly is not an ideal feature for relationships.

Below are some of the reactions from the public on the new WhatsApp feature:



However, a report on SoftPedia states that WhatsApp has finally (possibly) acknowledged the issue and will release a new update which has the option to keep the blue tick feedback on or off.

At present, according to the report, one of the beta testers have confirmed that WhatsApp has implemented the feature to turn off the blue tick in the next update and they are testing it.

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