Is Jamaica’s general election going to be this year?

Contributed – Prime Minister and President of the People’s National Party, PNP, has sounded another warning for workers of the Party to get ready for the upcoming General Election. The Party Leader was addressing hundreds of workers’ of the eastern constituencies of St. Andrew and Kingston at Jamaica College in St. Andrew last night. According to the Comrade Leader, while see awaits the signal from a higher power, the foot soldiers of the Party should be on ground communicating with the voters. “We need to stay close to the people…I am here because of the people,” Mrs. Simpson Miller urged. The confident two term Prime Minister told the rousing gathering that her Administration has done a lot over the past four years and that is the message she advised Comrades to deliver while they are in the field. Said Mrs. Simpson Miller, “You cannot swap a performing government for a non-performing…uncaring set of people to take charge of the destiny of the country.”
The PNP President blasted the Opposition for its insistence that Party has not been performing. She refuted that claim by pointing to the distribution of thousands of land titles, the handing over of keys for several sugar houses, the expansion of agro-parks and the improving economy as some of the examples of a working administration. “The other side cannot test the achievements of this PNP administration,” Mrs. Simpson-Miller asserted. Is it why the Prime Minister said her Party deserves another change to continue leading the country. According to Mrs. Simpson-Miller, “you cannot allow people who are more concerned about power than people to ascent to the most powerful office. When you are the leader of a country you can’t just think about political colours. You have to think about the people.”

The Prime Minister stayed clear of giving any indication when she will announce the date of the election, but expressed confidence that she will lead the Party to victory. Mrs. Simpson-Miller: “Some people are trembling in their boots because they don’t know what I am going to do and when I am going to do it” Meanwhile, Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister made a special appeal for the youth to be included in the policies and programmes of the PNP. “Young people must know they have a place in the party,” she said.

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