Made In Jamaica Ep3: Oysters and Special Sauces Will Improve Sex Life

Made in Jamaica seeks to present to the world a collection of untold stories, which features, both the ebb and the flow of normal Jamaican life. These stories aim to highlight the diverse landscape of the island, while showcasing the uniqueness of the Jamaican people. Our third feature looks on the typical evening of Port Royal’s resident oyster man Cornwall. A very popular, and tasty, treat, oysters are actually quite good for you as they are chock full of zinc, iron, calcium as well as vitamin A and vitamin B12.
However that is not quite the reason people flock to Cornwall’s oyster bar each and every weekend. Oysters are scientifically proven to be a natural aphrodisiac, which should alone should be enough but once eaten with Cornwall’s array of special homemade sauces it is said that you are guaranteed to get that extra kick well into the night. Watch and learn about the preparation behind this particular delicacy and Cornwall has in store for you if you decide to pay him a visit.


Port Royal Jamaica

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