I Cancelled My Jamaican Vacation & Why I Won’t Be Going Back Anytime Soon!!!

Why I’m Writing This Article…Not To Dump On Jamaica, I LOVE Jamaica
I know this article is going to get some backlash and let me say at the outset, it isn’t my intention to dump on Jamaica or talk negative about Jamaica.

I’m a longtime traveler to Jamaica and even used to jokingly refer to myself as a Jamerican as so many longtime regular travelers to Jamaica do. I love Jamaica, I love the people, I love the food, and I’ve always been the first to stand up for Jamaica, it’s reputation, and people when I felt people were unjustly giving Jamaica or Negril a bad rap.

I’m writing this article not to dump on Jamaica, but hopefully to get a lot of regular Jamaican travlers on board with pushing to improve the safety situation in Negril and Jamaica as a whole

Rick's Cafe Jamaica
I’m a longtime member of TripAdvisor and honestly in the past I’d be the first one to poke fun at people who’s high expectations didn’t allow them to have a good time in such a beautiful and wonderful place. I’d be the first person to chastise people who expected a destination to cater to them versus just going with the flow and taking a place for what it is. I’d also be the first person to stick up for Jamaica when people complained about beach vendors. I’d be the first on in line saying this is their home we are just visitors, or saying they are just trying to eek out a living and feed their family take it easy a polite no thank you will do.

Let’s be honest, Jamaica is not a cheap place to visit. Granted you can choose to stay at budget places or high end all inclusives but apples for apples Jamaica is not going to be as cheap as Mexico, the Dominican, Columbia, Brazil or many other destinations. I think it’s also fair to say that the customer service and service industry of Jamaica is not what it is in other destinations, not even other third world destinations.

Jamaican Standards Not On Par With Other Destinations

If we compare apples to apples the quality of hotel, food, and service I get in Jamaica is not going to compare to similar price points or star ratings in many other destinations like Mexico, Playa, Honduras, Costa Rica, and others. A 5 star in Jamaica is probably like a 3.5 star in Mexico or other places. I never had an issue with this though. I realize Jamaica is a ya mon, all is irie, laid back place and I actually think that’s part of the charm of Jamaica. What I’m not willing to accept however is the same laze fair attitude when it comes to safety and security.

I’m willing to accept that when I go to Jamaica and drop $150 or $180 a night on a hotel that the room will be outdated, food may be so so if staying AI, and service may not be what some are used to at other destinations. I have no problem with that.

That said dropping a similar amount of money in Mexico or other destinations you’ll probably have a very modern well done, well maintained hotel with great customer service and Five star food. That’s perfectly fine with me and I’m not making issue with that, though I do still think it’s important to point out. I’m someone who doesn’t complain when my tv doesn’t work, and I don’t even complain when a little bit of sewage water is comming out of the drain of my shower, par for the course, it’s Jamaica and I’m barely in my room anyways. I’m not someone who needs modern updated digs or cares if my bathroom counter top has granite. I do however find it unacceptable when i can lift my sink out of the countertop with two fingers.


Beach Hagglers Don’t Bother Me…BUT Aggressive Begging Does

I’m not one to complain about the beach hagglers. On TripAdvisor and other sites I’d always be the first one to respond to visitors who complian about the beach hagglers telling them and others, hey it’s their home, were just visitors. It’s part of the experience. Enjoy their funny and witty sales pitches, take it for what it is, roll with it and enjoy. If you focus on that stuff and let yourself get negative you’ll hate it. I was always one who enjoyed joking and bantering with the hagglers and took it as part of the experience. Also, it’s their home and their beach, I’m just a visitor. I really and truly felt that way.

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