How Creative Is Your Beard Game? Not This Creative I’m Sure!

Sometimes, I believe we take living in the Internet age for granted. I mean how else would we be introduced to online characters such as Liam Robinson.

This Dublin based artist used the popular mobile application Instagram to showcase three things: art, flags and his beard. However, after initially starting out just posting selfies and general art work, Liam then tried sticking whatever he could find in his facial hair. He had various sets of flowers, toothpicks and even pencils in his beard, all for a laugh but Liam hit the figurative jackpot when he began shooting beard selfies with miniature flags from different countries all over his face.

Liam picks a day, does a quick calendar search, he discovers which country has that day as an important date and -voilà- he is now ready to find some miniature flags of that nation and make his post. Below we have some cool images and information about several countries he has featured so far; for more look for Liam, and his beard, at @artbeardsandflags








Antigua and Barbuda

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