Help WATA Save Our Children and Share Your Support

Let’s face it, three dollars can’t even buy an icy mint. So the notion of three dollars helping anyone, much less hospitalized children, in the 2016 version of Jamaica is probably seen as ludicrous or let’s just say, impossible. Wysinco, however, through their popular beverage brand, WATA, is on a mission to prove that it can be done. Three dollars actually can go much further than you think. The brand has pledged to donate three Jamaican dollars to The Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation for every purchase in the month of January of a 600ml bottle of WATA.


Wisynco’s Chairman Mr. William Mahfood and Shaggy at The Bustamante Hospital for Children Treat.

The Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation, started by the named entertainer, has grabbed the reigns to leading Jamaica to a better way of providing great health care at the Bustamante Hospital for Children. The hospital is famed for being the only pediatric hospital in the English speaking Caribbean and the only pediatric hospital which offers specialized health services for children in Jamaica.

With a lack of suitable treatment facilities and only three wards available for use, the hospital needs all the help it can get to purchase medical equipment and to alleviate staffing needs. One of it’s most important ventures is the improvement of the medical equipment, like efficient ventilators, necessary for the optimal operation of the neonatal intensive care (the care of premature babies) unit.


Mr. Francois Chalifour, Director of Marketing, WATA in hand, shows support for the worthy initiative.

The Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation hosts the benefit concert “Shaggy and Friends” biennially for the initiative, the most recent being held on January 2, 2016, featuring the likes of Ashanti, OMI and Sean Kingston. Over the years, the foundation has donated about USD$1.6 million through the hefty, but worthy ticket prices as donations.

If you were not able to donate by purchasing a ticket to the start-studded event, you can help to save a child’s life, the WATA way. Wysinco, through the WATA brand is committed to Jamaica’s children and is pleased to support the cause. In the month of January purchase a 600ml bottle of WATA and show how you are making a difference in Jamaica’s future by posting a selfie with your WATA and sharing your post with your friends, tag @officalWATA. It’s that easy!

You have the chance to be featured on the WATA Facebook and/or Instagram when you share your support. See the picture you shared, just like the woman in the image below.


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