He looks like he does not know how to find Jamaica on a map until he does this

The impact of the small island of Jamaican and it’s reggae music/dancehall on the world is undoubtedly massive! it’s impact can be found all across the world. Clearly here on lucas DiPasquale a talented young white Canadian. He became popular in Jamaica with his cover (mashup) of a local dancehall artist Popcaan songs with upwards of 200,000 views and went viral in Jamaica, watch video here. He was also featured on Jamaica’s number one entertainment tv show.

Here is his interview by Winfred Williams on “Onstage”.

He was brought to Jamaica to perform live with Popcaan at the 2014 staging of Dream Weekend in Negril, Jamaica.

Here is his latest dacnehall cover Nobody Has To Know by Kranium.

Visit his Youtube page for more covers and performances

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