Handcrafted bamboo sun glasses and watches made in Jamaica

By Amilcar Lewis

Most Jamaican manufacturers and service providers have one innate advantage. They were once, and many times still are, Jamaican consumers. Not a small thing as this means they would or should understand catering to their market, a market which features not only local buyers but a potentially lucrative international consumer base. But the conundrum or catch 22 as it were, is how to produce the high quality products that is demanded by the public and keep production costs at a manageable level.

So they are often left with the decision of either making completely unique products and hope that these products maintain a level of stickiness in the consumer market by creating its own niche or by using relative cheaper local materials create new takes on products that have proven their market worthiness. Local company Rasfit has chosen the latter option with specially handcrafted watches and sunglasses made with bamboo.

This was a brilliant decision by the owners as while not indigenous to the island, the bamboo plant is certainly synonymous with Jamaican life and certainly fits the easy going Brand Jamaica narrative which all local brands strive to uphold. Although bamboo can be cheaper, it is by no means less sturdy; with a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes it perfect to use for the manufacturing of items intended for everyday use like these ones. All this functionality has by no means taken away from the sheer beauty of each piece, I mean just look at the pictures on this page.
Impressive, right? Well you can take your time and check the Facebook page link below, for more information and updates on this company and their many offerings. And always remember, to build Jamaica you should always buy Jamaican.

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