Glide across the waves riding on the wind, kitesurfing Barbados

By Amilcar Lewis:

One of the advantages of being known for being a destination for “Sand, Sun and Sea”, as the entire Caribbean basin undoubtable is, is that visitors will find innovative ways to enjoy their stay. Despite being around, in some form or the other, from the early 80s,’kitesurfing’ as it known as today has only been officially a mainstream pursuit since 1999 with specialised boards and kites being manufactured to facilitate the increased interest from that time. The Caribbean, while known for having relatively tranquil waters, also has some ideal spots where both wind and waves combine to give a kitesurfing enthusiast perfect conditions for his or her ultimate joyride. Long Beach, Barbados is one such place. Located on the southeastern tip of the island, Long Beach receives swells from the Atlantic Ocean year round and also has the accompanying trade winds to safely navigate the kite used by the surfer.

The video above was done earlier this year by a kite surfer on vacation in Barbados. It was shot with his Go Pro camera which was attached to the kite and the footage was taken just after sunrise. The video shows the surfer simply enjoying his time out on the waves, it was however the angles provided by the Go Pro that made the video compelling. The shots and the way it was edited truly made me feel like I was out on the sea with the surfer taking in the breeze and being splashed with the spray. It seemed so real! In fact the only thing that betrayed the natural nature of the video was the soundtrack used. Which was by no means bad but reminded me that I was just merely watching someone else’s account and I was not “there”. All in all a very enjoyable video well worth 4 minutes, or so, of your time. Oh before I forget, please look out for the mermaids. They gave the video a nice touch.

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