Five things you need to know before watching the 2015 edition of the Gold Cup

1 Once again the tournament is being held in the United States…. From its inception in 1991 as the tournament to crown the champion of the CONCACAF region. The United States have hosted games in every tournament only sharing those duties twice before in 1993 and 2003 with their neighbours to south, Mexico. This year’s edition will see the Canadian city of Toronto join the festivities and become the first from that nation to host a game.

2 The Gold Cup is culmination of a series arduous qualifiers…. While former winners USA, Mexico and Canada are afforded a free place in the cup, nations like El Salvador, Haiti and Cuba have to fight through several rounds of varying competitions just to get a chance to grace the field with the giants from the region. Speaking of the giants….

3 The United States and Mexico are overwhelming favourites to lift the cup ….. And with good reason three of the last four finals featured the duo and all finals excluding one, in 2000 (Canada & Colombia duked it out that day), had one of the pair present in the final.

4 The winner of this tournament will feature in the 2018 World Cup precursor tournament the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia …. Because of the timing of the tournament, every two years instead of the normal every four years for most other federation’s championships, the winner of this year’s edition will have to play the United States the winner of the 2013 Gold Cup for the right to play in the Confederations Cup. If the United States win this year then they would qualify automatically. And finally

5 How can you see these games …. Well there are 14 venues strung across North America in the cities of: Carson, Frisco, Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore, East Rutherford, Foxborough, Chicago, Chester, Philadelphia, Gendale, Houston, Kansas City and the aforementioned Toronto. If you can’t physically make it to the stadiums, the tournament is being broadcasted by Fox Sports and Gol TV.

Now go out and enjoy the best football this region has to offer.

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