Fay-Ann Lyons’ ‘Raze’ video is shocking and disappointing

Raze…all hands in the air!”

The command issued by Soca songstress Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez in her 2015 hit song “Raze” conjures images of excited fete-goers screaming and waving in true Carnival fashion.

“Wake up everyone who sleeping,” she sings. “Meet me on the road!”

But in the newly released video for the song, there is no crowd, no screaming and waving, no excited partygoers and no road.

The almost 4 minute long video features a cloaked Lyons-Alvarez singing and dancing in a snowy, forested area.

Camille Hunte

I am a fan of Fay-Ann and I love this song but why would they decide to do this to such an emotive and iconic song for carnival 2015? Fans worldwide are disappointed and outraged.

A few Youtube comments

What’s is your opinion on this video?

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