How Much Do You Know Your Weed, Indica or Sativa?

Ganja has been cultivated for thousands of years. By now, there are probably thousands of strains. Understanding the different strains, their qualities, and their medicinal characteristics is a pretty detailed subject. A good place to start is with the most basic description of strain: Indica or Sativa.

Ganja breaks out into two major species: Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Plus, the two have been cross-bred a lot so there are a wide variety of hybrid strains. At dispensaries, flowers are categorized into indica (I), sativa (S), hybrid indica dominant (I/S) and hybrid sativa dominanat (S/I). In general, you can get a pretty good guess as to how ganja will make you feel and its medicinal properties if you know its species.

sativa vs indica

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Sativa: Typically has a head effect.

Tends to stimulate brain activity, energize, enhance mood, increase alertness. It’s considered uplifting, cerebral, spacey and can be hallucinogenic. Best suited for day use. Sativa are tall thin plants with long narrow leaves. Sativa grows better outdoors.

Good for:


Prominent cannabinoid: THC

Common Sativa Varieties:

Haze (California)
Malawi Gold (Malawi)
Neville’s Haze (The Netherlands)
Trainwreck (California)

Indica: Typically has a body effect

Tends to be much more relaxing and may be more effective for a variety of bodily ailments. Very good for relieving anxiety and restlessness, helping you fall asleep. Best suited for night use. Indica are short dense plants with broad, dark green leaves. Indica grow better indoors.

Good for:

Muscle ache

Prominent cannabinoid: CBD


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