DIY Natural Mosquito Repellent to Prevent Zika Virus

Chikungunya or Zika Virus have been two mosquito borne diseases that has everyone wary. Some are ok with using over the counter repellents like OFF! Deep Woods which has #Deet. However quite a few persons are wary of that chemical or are simply allergic, asthmatic and so forth.
Here’s the natural mosquito repellent that I did that helped me avoid ChikV last year and that I’m banking on in my fight to avoid ZikV now. Hope you like it!

aegis aegypti mosquitoWhat is Zika virus disease (Zika)?
Zika is a disease caused by Zika virus that is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week. People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika.

What are the symptoms of Zika?
About 1 in 5 people infected with Zika will get sick. For people who get sick, the illness is usually mild. For this reason, many people might not realize they have been infected.

The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis (red eyes). Symptoms typically begin 2 to 7 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito.

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