Chronixx and Adidas Colloborate on a ‘Spezial’ Collection

It’s impossible to talk fashion with Chronixx—the face of Adidas’s new Spring 2017 Spezial collection—without discussing things much bigger than shirts and shoes. The 24-year-old Jamaican reggae singer, a leader in the island’s earthy roots scene, has a holistic view on personal style, informed in part by his Rastafarian beliefs, and his spirit leads his style, not the other way around. “We are not trying to look good—we are trying to be good,” he tells me one morning after a long night in the studio, leaning all the way back in a big purple chair at his downtown New York hotel.

The Spezial collection is a gorgeous mix of classic tracksuits, soccer-ready sneakers, and traditional military styles, but, as with everything in his life, if Chronixx couldn’t cherish its strengths with all five senses, it wouldn’t matter how good it looked. “The most beautiful thing about it is when you touch the fabric,” he says of the collection. “It’s not about the runway or what’s trending. It’s what suits you and how you live.”


This season’s Spezial line takes its inspiration from Jamaican life, and, especially, soccer, a sport Chronixx, like many Jamaicans, has played casually since childhood. When he’s not on the road or recording in other cities, he continues to join twice-weekly pickup matches in Kingston (Usain Bolt has been known to jump in with Chronixx’s local games). “Fútbol style for me is really about the functionality,” he says. “Trust me: You look cool if you’re playing cool.” The collection features fresh, trim takes on sporty looks, like an old-school knit polo, a classic team jersey, and the traditional Atlanta sneaker, much of it lined with the pillar shade of Jamaica’s flag (and Chronixx’s favorite color): green. “Green is the color that your heart resonates with. Green means ‘go’ on the traffic light. Green is symbolic of life and birth and love,” he says.


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