Caribbean Weekly: The Hidden Gems That Are Haitian Attractions

As Buzzebly closes out our weekly Haiti focus, we would be remiss if we didn’t seek to highlight several of La Republique d’Haiti’s most famous attractions for the curious traveler. Contrary to what you might believe, Haiti is teeming with so many interesting, charming sights that we had quite the time trying to whittle it down to just five. But whittle it down we did, as we put a full stop on what has been a most enlightening look on one of the Caribbean’s most misunderstood and intriguing locales, Haiti.

The Citadelle

imageThis beautiful landmark was built by Henri Christophe, a key leader during the Haitian slave rebellion.

Cathedral Dame de Cap Haiti

imageThis Cathedral of Notre Dame is of the most beautiful cathedrals of the country.

Dragon Breath Zip-Line

This is the largest zip line over water in the world! How amazing is that?

Bassin Bleu

A national treasure hidden in the hills of the picturesque town of Jacmel in the south east region of Haiti.

Barbancourt Rum Distillery

We Caribbean people love rum and chances are you do too. This is go to place for the rum lovers.

We hope you enjoyed Caribbean Weekly’s feature of Haiti. Stay tuned we will be featuring Dominica in the upcoming week.

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