Caribbean Weekly: Delicious Haitian Food You Should Try

Haiti is known for much more than voodoo and politics. They have some yummy food too. Haiti’s rich history and culture translates into their flavourful and rich cuisine. A mixture of French, African and Spanish cooking methods, ingredients and dishes come together to take your taste buds on a tantalizing adventure. Today Buzzebly will feature some of the most popular dishes of this historic country.
​Haitian griotNational Dish – Griot (Fried pork) with Rice and Beans. Most popular dishes are eaten with vegetables and both green and ripe plantains.

Plantain porridge

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Plantain Porridge – Usually served for breakfast with bread.

Mais Moulin
Mais Moulin (Cornmeal) is the Haitian equivalent of grits. It is typically served at breakfast with a side of avocados and served with fish or eggs.

Haitian patties

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Haitian Patties ( Pate ) are a popular street food. Filled with various meat kinds such as beef and chicken.
Haitian Beef Stew ( Bouyon Beef )
There are many variation of this hearty stew but it is usually served with beef, dumplings, plantains and malanga.

Black Mushroom Rice

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Black Mushroom Rice ( Diri Ak Djon Djon)
This is made with mushrooms that are native to the northern part of Haiti.

Haitian Black Bean Soup

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Haitian Black Bean Soup
Usually served with white rice. A Haitian favorite.

Haitian Cake

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Haitian Cake (Gateau Au Beurre)
What makes this cake different from other cakes? The Barabancourt rum, that gives it a unique flavour!

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