Caribbean Weekly: 7 Wonderful Things to Do in Barbados

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Barbados if you didn’t get to enjoy all that it has to offer. On any given island in the Caribbean there are dozens of beaches and quite a few sights. To make this easier for you we have selected Accra and Brandon’s beaches and several of the known hangout spots that BIM has to offer. Comparing the two beaches, you would see that Accra would be for the surfing enthusiasts while Brandon’s would be considered for a more relaxing, mellow vibe.

Accra Beach

Accra Beach Barbados

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The southern end of the Accra beach is perfect for smaller children, as there is a pool-like area protected by rocks that break the force of the waves. For older children the thrill of boogie boarding on the crested waves awaits!

Brandon’s Beach

Brandon’s Beach is a short walking distance from Barbados’ cruise ship terminal, and therefore the ideal destination for passengers wanting to spend some disembarkation time on the beach.

Brandons Beacg Barbados

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Oistin’s Fish Fry

Oistin’s Fish Fry has become one of the most popular spots to hang out on Friday on Saturday nights in Baarbados. While you’re there you can get down with the very best local cuisine such as fish cakes, sweet potatoes and macaroni pie and enjoy the causal ambience and good people. Hungry yet?


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MoonTown, St. Lucy

The actual name of this area is Half Moon Fort, but began to be called MoonTown because of the supermarket in the district. You can enjoy freshly caught fish, chicken or pork cooked by the roadside. There are small wooden stalls, set up in between make-shift bars, for you to relax, eat and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Lemon Arbor, St. John

Every weekend, from as early as they can possibly get there, persons from all classes, colours, walks of life and from every corner of the island, make their way to this spot to socialize and for refreshment. Initially made famous for its pudding (steamed and seasoned sweet potato) and souse (a local Barbadian delicacy made from pickled pork, cucumber, breadfruit and lots of spices and seasonings) and other pork dishes, the owners of the Lemon Arbor lyming spot have significantly expanded their menu items to capture the non-pork eaters. In addition then, one can get barbequed or fried chicken or grilled fish and grilled vegetables.

St. Lawrence Gap

“The Gap”, as it is most commonly referred to, is the spot where the locals and visitors to the island come together to enjoy the nightlife in Barbados. The Gap also has lodging and a shopping district for the few who choose not to party.

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Needham’s Point

Needham’s Point is situated on the South West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Michael, with the island’s capital, Bridgetown, to the north and Accra Beach, St. Lawrence Gap and Oistin’s to the south. The second oldest of Barbados’ four lighthouses, Needham’s Point Lighthouse was first built in the middle of the nineteenth century. Octagonal in shape and design, the  white stone Needham’s Bay Lighthouse fulfilled a crucial role in guiding sailing vessels safely into harbour.

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